My story

Hi! I’m Louise, a 38 year old aspiring minimalist, mother of 2 beautiful boys and wife to amazing hubby Alan. I gave up my job as a Senior Software Engineer (of 8 1/2 years) to follow my passion of organisation and living a simpler life.

Learn why and how I started Order and Calm – Online Decluttering and Professional Organising

At one stage I had a little meltdown moment and turned to my husband…

Can we find someone to come help us with the house? I can’t live like this anymore.

There were tears; I felt stuck and I needed help. We had been merrily collecting possessions throughout our childhood, teenage years, married life and then with kids and I couldn’t cope anymore. I googled and realised that people do this for a living, someone could come to help us. I found a very nice lady on the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO) who came and looked round our house. She helped us declutter our converted garage, which had turned into a junk/storage room; you could not walk through it. With determination, we packed off the 2 kids to a babysitter and over 2 sessions we reclaimed that room and it is now a den for hubby and me to watch movies, eat homemade pizza and talk about life. After that I never looked back.

Louise Ladd from Order and Calm sorting out some clothes in drawers

It was a slow process. Life with work, 2 kids and hobbies made it hard to find the time to get stuck into the rest of the house as quick as I wanted but we got there. I fell in love with organising spaces, bringing order to the chaos that had been our lives and living a lot more simply. I hope I can help you too!

What is important to me?

I want to help people…

When I realised how much of a difference decluttering and simplifying my life made to my happiness, my family, my day-to-day living, I felt this pull towards helping other people achieve the same. I want to help anyone who reaches out to break free from the anxiety of a life full of clutter, stuff and overwhelm – there is a better way!

I want to be happy…

Happiness means something different to me these days. I used to like having a lot of things, gadgets, games etc. All I ended up with was a house full of stuff where I couldn’t find anything, every day was a stress and I ended up with no time to do the things that really mattered. Now I lead a simpler life in a functional home and I fill it with experiences, memories, playing with my kids, talking to my husband and just being happier!