How to stop drowning in paper!

Even with online banking and email receipts, we still seem to have a lot of the stuff don’t we? Here are a few tips and questions to get you thinking about your paper clutter and get it under control.

Do you have somewhere easy to put your recycling? We have 3 IKEA bins like these under our sink that we immediately sort our recycling into so it’s easy to just chuck into our recycling bins outside every week. This will obviously depend on your local council and what they collect, especially if you have shredded paper – we have to sort this into a separate bag first.

What stops you dealing with the post as it comes in? Do you not have time during the day to deal with it? Maybe you could have a little basket near the door where the post goes in during the day but you deal with it at a regular time e.g. every evening? Then everything that can be recycled goes away and you make a to-do pile of anything that needs action?

And where do your receipts go? Are they clogging up your purse? Maybe you could set a time at the end of the week where you recycle any you don’t need anymore and file away any that you need to keep?

Another quick tip is to take pictures of e.g. school notes and letters and keep them in a specific album on your phone. Then you can get rid of the actual paper straight away but you still have the important information! You could clear these photos out at the end of term. If you’d rather have things on your computer and you have a scanner, scan them into a specific folder – and remember to keep a back up!

Hopefully the flowchart will give you an easy reference for getting rid of the paper that is cluttering up your house and get you into a good routine. Little and often as they say!

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