‘Spring declutter’ is the new ‘Spring clean’

I’m talking about all things Spring at the moment. There’s still a chill in the air here in Northern Ireland but there are definitely glimpses of better weather to come.

It’s the time of the great Spring Clean, but my heart is always in the decluttering side of things. I DO NOT enjoy cleaning, does anyone?! 🙂 but I love a good clear out. I do think the 2 go hand in hand though. Is there anything better than a clean AND tidy house?

So if you’re about to get stuck into dusting the shelves, getting into the back of the cupboards and scrubbing the skirting boards, why not see if you can do a little decluttering along the way?

To help you get started, here is a quick checklist I created of obvious things to let go of ordered by room. Obviously everyone’s house has different items and rooms, but this is just to get the cogs turning and get you motivated, so you can keep going through the rest of your possessions if you get into the flow.

Hope it helps!

Louise x

Spring Cleaning Checklist

How one little shelf changed our morning routine!

Imagine this, especially if you have kids! You’re running around in the morning like a headless chicken, trying to figure out which stuff on the floor needs to come with you, where the kids’ lunch money is for school, where the coats are….. Sound familiar?

As I sat reading an article I’d found about ways to transform your hall entryway, a picture formed in my mind about what I could do with that little section of wall that was hiding behind my front door when we open it. It was currently holding a long frame with some of our wedding pictures in it, they weren’t even sitting straight!

Some of the ideas were too complicated or required too much space (some people’s halls are huge!!)

My plan required the following items for my little ‘Action Corner’:

  • A shelf
  • Two little baskets to hold outgoing items for the 2 grown ups and the 2 boys
  • A place to hang keys
  • Somewhere to hang the kids coats (we don’t have enough room for everybody’s on our current coat rack)
  • Somewhere to put letters until we have time to open and deal with them
  • A pretty picture to add a bit of colour

Off I went to Etsy where I found someone who made beautiful shelves that had hooks underneath to hang coats/bags (two for the price of one!) While I waited for that to arrive, I made a little trip to the range where I found the perfect little baskets and a cute little key AND letter holder (my second two for the price of one! I’m good at this! 🙂 ) Lastly I repurposed a pretty picture that had been just beside our downstairs WC and voila!

Our mornings are so much easier now! We have to be disciplined and make sure we are putting everything in its place, but in the mornings we just look to our left, grab what we need for the day and off we go! One less stress in the day!

What improvements have you made to your home that save you time and stress??