A different Christmas…how to buy gifts without adding to the clutter

This year will be a Christmas like no other. And with people in lockdown or more fearful of physically going to stores we will be doing a lot more online shopping. And what does online shopping equal? More clutter!

So how do we keep ourselves safe, buy gifts for our friends and loved ones but not add to the clutter that stresses us out so much? Usually the obvious answer would be to buy ‘experiences’ for people or take them out for a nice dinner or day out, but that just might not be possible at the moment or any time soon in some countries – but fear not. Read on for some great ideas…

Gift vouchers

Sometimes we feel like it’s not putting too much thought into a gift it it’s ‘just’ a voucher but it really depends. Is it a voucher for their favourite store?? Are they an Amazon fanatic? Send them a voucher but add a nice personal note about WHY you picked that voucher just for them.

Digital gifts

What about digital gifts….is there a new album out that you know they would love? Is the latest movie in someone’s favourite franchise now available online? What about a new book release from their favourite author? I’ve just bought a new Ken Follett book from my favourite book series so my husband can give me it for Christmas. We don’t buy each other that many presents anymore because we don’t like buying stuff for the sake of it, but then what we do buy really means something!

Here are some useful links to buying digital gifts:

Make it personal

Do you remember when you were a kid and you would draw a picture for mummy or daddy and you couldn’t wait to give it to them? Or can your kids not wait to press that piece of paper in your hand that they worked so hard on?? Why do we lose that? Why don’t you make something for someone that you care about? What better gift could you give to someone than something you spent time and love on? Here are some ideas:

  • Some sweet treats
  • If you’re crafty, make them a card or picture
  • A beautiful meal
  • Record your kids reading a story or singing a song for their grandparents

Give them something to look forward to

You might not be able to gift someone an experience, but you can certainly promise to do something awesome with them when it IS possible again. Write them a beautiful card and tell them the holiday you’ll go on when you can fly again, the awesome day trip to somewhere new, the beautiful meal you’ll have when your favourite restaurant opens again, an offer to babysit your nieces/nephews when things settle down.

A final note

These things might not feel that exciting or ‘normal’ but hey, life isn’t normal anymore. Maybe the one thing we’ve learnt from 2020 is to focus on what really matters and not feel like we have to spend a fortune on the biggest, brightest, fanciest present going. Just a thought….