Getting stuck in, in the kitchen!

Louise helped me prepare to move into my mums house. This has been very emotional and required someone with a firm but empathising and caring approach. Within work I am highly organised but not soo much in the house and due to priorities, kids and being in my current house for 17 years the thought of moving or even where to start was daunting. My biggest challenge was the kitchen as I keep everything.

Louise categorised each cupboard and helped me clear the clutter, unneeded, unwanted, unused objects and keep what I actually required cupboard by cupboard.

We managed to achieve a huge amount together. Her pointers on how to get rid of unwanted furniture, useful items to buy, the sensitivities surrounding possessions and how to go forward with the rest of the house were invaluable.

There is something very fulfilling and satisfying about opening drawers and cupboards and knowing that getting everything in order is a key to not being so stressed about the packing for the move.

I really can’t recommend Louise highly enough. Super value for money, Excellent job, 5 stars!