The Minimalists 30 day Minimalism game – a retrospective

In July, my husband and I decided to try the Minimalists 30 day Minimalism Game as a fun way to get rid of more items out of the house. We have been good at decluttering this year and I couldn’t tell you how many items/bags of stuff we have gotten out of the house (although the Minimalism Game alone got rid of over 1000!).

I will admit, that according to the rule of getting the items out of the house by midnight, we cheated a bit. I was not running down to the charity shop every day, so we just got a big box and put the stuff in there to be dealt with when it was full.

How it progressed…

It was easy the first week, just 1 item on day 1, 2 on day 2 etc. It was fun wandering around the house and spying things you had developed a blind spot for that were prime candidates for our charity box. Alan and I would delight in being the first to reach the target that day!

Obviously it was easier at the weekends when we had more time to look for items when it got to the higher end. Alan started working at home when Covid hit so I became a SAHM as I’d been trying the self-employment thing. When we hit the 20s (items to get rid of), it could be hard to find enough items without a bit of panic setting in.

I will say that it made us tackle our attic in a BIG way, which I will be forever grateful for. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is great and all, but it was always in the back of my head that we had tons of boxes up there that I’d “get round to some day” (yea right!). This was the catalyst for finally going through my mountains of craft stuff, letters and memories from school days (20+ years ago!) and countless other random items we’d dragged around between different houses.

We had DVD and CD collections that we finally ripped onto the computer to save space. I donated books I knew I would never get round to reading (again) and it was so freeing to let them go! I’d already gutted my clothes a few times so there weren’t too many a-ha moments in my closet. Some sentimental items got the heave ho, but I have to say that there’s still a little bit of work to be done on that. But that’s ok, we are still in such a better place than we were!


Was this worth the slight bit of stress we started to feel towards the end? Without a doubt yes! This ‘game’ made an otherwise mundane and overwhelming task actually quite fun and the benefits have been immense. I used to get annoyed daily at all the stuff lying around and that just hasn’t happened anywhere near as much lately! Less tidying up time for mummy, yay!

We don’t need all this ‘stuff’ to be happy

Also I think it was great education for the kids. Although they dropped out of their side of the bargain after 10 days (and that was for just 1 item a day – between the 2 of them!), they were still invested in mummy and daddy winning the challenge each day. They have learned that we don’t need all this ‘stuff” to be happy, and what better life lesson is there?

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